55% drop in Unfair Dismissal claims issued at Tribunal – so much for access to justice

Since the introduction of Tribunal Fees of circa £1200 per case in July 2013, it has since been reported that the volume of unfair dismisal claims issued at Tribunal has fallen by as much as 55%. Frankly, given our experience on the ground, we have found that people are simply put off by the prospect of having to pay such fees such that they decide not to pursue good claims at all. So much for access to justice. Let’s hope the Government re-think this inherently unfair policy. I am sure they will be the first to admit that  55% of Claimant’s can’t all have weak or spurious claims. If the policy was introduced to save money, then I strongly doubt the extra fee revenue from the falling numbers of claims has even come close to covering the admin costs of setting up the new system to deal with costs and remissions. With that level of claim reduction, it must follow there will be significant redundancies of admin staff in the Tribunal Service, Employment Judges and Employment Solicitors alike.

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