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In this case, Ms Gyftaki (The Claimant) had run out of annual leave. After applying for additional days it was unclear as to whether or not this had been granted by UHA. It was only until late on the evening before she was set to travel her annual leave got refused by the company. Due […]

Ms Chikale, a Malawian national was granted a six-month visa to the UK where she worked as a domestic worker under Mrs Ivy Okedina. Following the expiry of her visa, Ms Chikale remained in the UK and continued to work for Mrs Okedina. The Claimant (Ms Chikale) was eventually dismissed summarily and therefore ejected from […]

Is Constructive Dismissal Hard to Prove?

Have you ever had your contract seriously breached by your employer? Or felt forced to resign because of your employer’s hand in creating a hostile working environment and would like to put in a claim? This could be potentially considered constructive dismissal. Constructive dismissal can be hard to prove, and few claims win at employment […]