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Redundancy selection pool of one

What are ‘redundancy selection criteria’?  Redundancy selection criteria are fair reasons for selecting particular employees for redundancy. Fair reasons can include skills, qualifications and aptitude, and should ideally be objective and measurable.  The redundancy selection criteria are crucial in ensuring that a redundancy process is fair and lawful. To help ensure employees are selected in […]

Covid-19 vaccine refusal - nursing home worker fairly dismissed for refusing the vaccine-2

A nursing home worker fairly dismissed over Covid-19 vaccine refusal Despite accepting Ms Allette’s (A) scepticism, Employment Tribunal has found her ‘fairly dismissed’ by her employer for Covid-19 vaccine refusal.  The requirement to be vaccinated was in the Tribunal’s opinion a reasonable management instruction and A had no medical authority or clinical basis for refusing.  […]

Inner house concludes school fairly dismissed teacher

Inner house concludes school fairly dismissed teacher suspected of possessing indecent images. Despite being cleared of the charges, the teacher was dismissed due to safeguarding concerns. Was his dismissal unfair? No, concluded the Inner House of the Court of Session in L v K. Case background The case concerned a teacher who had been arrested […]