Is Constructive Dismissal Hard to Prove?

Have you ever had your contract seriously breached by your employer? Or felt forced to resign because of your employer’s hand in creating a hostile working environment and would like to put in a claim? This could be potentially considered constructive dismissal. Constructive dismissal can be hard to prove, and few claims win at employment […]

Tribunal Procedure. Wrong Early Conciliation number stated on a Form ET1 is potentially fatal. The ET was concerned with two claims lodged by the Claimant. The first gave an incorrect ACAS early conciliation (“EC”) number – relating to a different Claimant and a different claim; the second gave the number of an EC certificate that […]

It is potential misconduct for an employee to covertly record a meeting unless the most pressing of circumstances. “There was a time when an employee – or for that matter an employer – had to go to a great deal of trouble to record a meeting covertly. At that time it would be straightforward to […]